Traveling with Children Having a Different Surname from You

Traveling With Children Having A Different Surname From You

Travel with a child without permission is considered as child abduction!


Traveling is a great joy, but some unexpected hurdles can prove to be a definite joy spoiler. If you are planning a holiday trip with your relative’s child, your nephew or niece, or maybe your own children with a different name, it can problem you if unplanned. The strictness expected to materialize the hurdles is because otherwise, someone may use the liberty for a wrong purpose like kidnapping, smuggling, or trafficking. Nevertheless, there are many ways to avoid such traveling issues with airport security.

Know the Rules!

Different countries have different rules, and you must go through the rules of the destined country like your own place before heading toward the journey. It may happen that you leave the UK flawlessly and then face an issue when you reach your goal state. Their control staff can question you for identifying your relationship with the child or children. Being up to date and bringing useful documents to justify your association stays safe.

If you are the parent of the child with a different surname from you, birth certificate along with the passport will be enough to prove your relation. However, in the case of adopted or some relative’s child, or even grandchild, you might be claimed to evidence that the actual parent is aware of this trip. To prove legitimacy, you can provide the control staff with a signed letter from the child’s parent(s). If the child’s parents are passed away, carrying a death certificate with you will be beneficial. All these restrictions are for child safety purpose.

Letter of Permission

UK government provides the citizens with a letter of permission for child authorization in this regard. The letter also gives you the allowance for emergency travel with any of your relative’s kid(s).

What If Parent Cannot Sign the Document

If somehow the child’s parents with whom you are traveling, are unable to sign the document, maybe because they are far or in some emergency, you’ll need permission from the court before traveling.

If you are a mother who is taking the child abroad, though you own parental responsibility, you still require the permission from the one sharing parental responsibility unless there is no father name in child’s birth certificate. If the court has permitted you to live with a child having a different surname, you can easily take them abroad but for less than 28 days without any permission.

These are the must follow measures and important points to know. They will be helpful in having a smooth journey. If you want a happy and relaxing start of your holiday, booking a secure parking space for your car is the best option. We offer secure parking lots at a cheap price. Our parking services, especially meet and greet parking is loved by all. Have a safe and flawless holiday.