Step To Step Guide To Airport Journey

Step To Step Guide To Airport Journey

Step To Step Guide By Airport Parking Essentials

Flying can be frightening especially when you are travelling for the first time or travelling alone because you don’t have enough experience. Some airports like Heathrow airport is bigger than others, so the first advice is to arrive a couple of hours before your flight. it is also recommended to pre-book your parking once you have booked your airport parking. If you are travelling from Heathrow, you can also get the parking services like Heathrow Meet and Greet which will is a convenient car parking option. Heathrow Meet and Greet services also offer a discount code. Following are some of the detailed steps about how you can make your journey less hassle.

The first step is to book your flight. Most of the passengers buy their tickets online however the only thing they fear while buying their ticket at the airport is the high price.

Once you have booked your flight ticket, don’t forget to book Heathrow airport car parking as you will be needing it to park your car. Before the flight, you need to “check in,” which acknowledges you are still making the trip. During this time, you will get a boarding pass and a document that proves that you’ve purchased a ticket. If you haven’t bought tickets, you will need to start at the ticketing counter at the airport. This is usually specified as “Ticketing,’’ where you can obtain your ticket, check in, and get your boarding pass at the ticket counter. Your luggage is weighted and it should be less than 50lbs and tagged to make sure it goes with you on your flight.

After you are done checking in at the ticket counter,l head to the security checkpoint, where your boarding pass and government-issued Identity Card will be checked. You’ll be required to place your carry-on bag and other belongings like stuff in your pockets, belt, and shoes, etc, on bins that roll through an x-ray machine. Then you’ll step through a scanner, and then you’ll get your luggage and head to find your gate. The gate is the area where you will wait until it’s time to board. This area at Heathrow airport usually has restaurants and gift shops around it. Heathrow airport is greater in size as compared to other airports therefore, you’ll be allocated a specific gate according to your flight number. When it’s time, your boarding pass will be checked by a gate agent and you’ll walk through a small tunnel and into the plane.

Now here’s the fun part begins, that is the flying itself. For some people it is a scaring experience but if you know what to expect you will probably be able to overcome your fear. You can board the plane, find your seat and store your carry-on baggage in the storage area above the seats. Next Airhost/Airhostesses will read safety instructions and how long will it take to reach your destination. The Pilot will drive the aircraft on the ground to get in position for takeoff. Before the takeoff, you should buckle your seat belts to remain calm while your position is not bound to the entire flight, you are free to move when a plane reaches a certain altitude.

After you land you’ll go to the baggage claim area. Shortly after your arrival, luggage is placed on a carousel for passengers to pick up. From here you can exit the airport premises and enjoy your vacation.