A Complete Guide to Holiday Compensation

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“A holiday is an opportunity to journey within. It is also a chance to chill, to relax.”


These are the words which best define holidays. Whenever we plan to spend out a holiday, we generally expect it to be flawless and joyful. However, this of our expectation hardly touches the wall of success.

If you see the things getting wrong in your holiday, this is the point where compensation enters!

It’s a fact that money cannot find your lost bag or it cannot fix a delayed flight, but it can definitely relieve you from the consequent agony of a mishap. Here, in this article, Airport Parking Essentials is sharing a complete holiday compensation guide so you can better deal with lost luggage as well as with a delayed flight.

Things You Need to Know for Flight Compensation

“The time when we have to wait for a delayed flight,” is quite enough to ruin your holiday. If you face flight disturbances, then you must know your position with regards to compensation.

What are the Rules for Flight Compensation?

For a long enough delayed flight, your airline has to provide you with food and drink, access to phone calls and emails, room space, transfers between the airport and your hotel.

According to EU-regulation, here is the delayed flight compensation chart:



3 or more hours
260£ to 345£
3 to 4 hours
4 or more hours
520 £

For a canceled flight, you are legally entitled to either a full compensation or a replacement flight. Incoming flight is only covered if it is an EU-based flight.

What is the Case for a Flight Delayed due to Unusual Circumstances?

The airline can say you that you can’t avail compensation because your flight was delayed due to an unusual or extraordinary case. These cases include natural situations causing a flight delay like extreme weather conditions, natural calamities, strikes, emergency landings, terrorist act, and the problem with the passengers on board. Anyways, still, your airline is entitled to pay you a ticket compensation, immediate next flight, or a new ticket for some later date.

Connecting Flights and Compensation

Connecting flights are similar to the direct flights but there is one major difference:

Connecting flights involve multiple flights, airlines, and spots in and outside of the European Union. Due to this difference compensation charges also vary. This is the case for all flight delay, cancellation, or overbooking.

Claim Procedure for Lost, Delayed or Damaged Luggage

A very frequent complaint by the passengers, concerns with lost, delayed or damaged luggage. To handle such worst situations easily, keep a record of the stuff you had in your bag. It will be helpful in recovery. And if the luggage arrives in a dirty condition, must inform the airline as quickly as you can. The best approach to not face such awkward and tiring moments is to stay super active and be in time.

For a seamless beginning of your long-awaited holiday, book a secure car park with Airport Parking Essentials and avail exciting discounts. Have a happy holiday!